Multicultural Outreach

Our multicultural outreach coordinator is on campus to serve as a liaison between Ridgewater College and our communities through multi-cultural events and other social activities. In addition, it is our mission to promote the celebration and inclusion of diversity on campus in order to recognize and appreciate it in our daily lives. Our outreach coordinator serves as an advocate and resource person for students, staff and community members.

An Academic Support Center is available on both campuses for students who need to sharpen academic skills. Staff members will work with individuals to provide one-on-one assistance in any area of learning.

  • Financial aid packages/scholarships 
  • Interpreters and coordination of services with local agencies
  • Veterans Administration Educational Benefits
  • Career Services
  • Work with outside agencies to coordinate benefits or services
  • Referrals
  • Information and advocacy

Jehana Khan

Jehana Khan

Multicultural Outreach Coodinator

(320) 222-5986