Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification at Ridgewater College

Students are frequently required to obtain enrollment certifications from the Office of Records and Registration for governmental or private agencies.

Many require verification of "full-time" or "half-time" status. College policy and the provisions set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 are followed in providing information.

Whenever possible, the student should request proof of enrollment and degree and provide this information to the appropriate third party. Requests can be made by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse.

All car insurance verifications will continue to be processed in the Office of Records and Registration because of the need to include the grade point average (GPA).

Please mail or bring your enrollment verification form to the Office of Records and Registration or fax the form to (320) 222-5216 -Willmar or (320) 234-8506 - Hutchinson.

The Office of Records and Registration works closely with students who are veterans of the US military or their dependents, to ensure receipt and continuation of their benefits.

Please consult the Ridgewater College Veterans Resource Center for information. Third Parties Ridgewater College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for all verifications of student enrollment.

Please visit the Clearinghouse online or contact them by phone at 703-742-4200 or fax at 703-742-4239.