Miscellaneous Credit Transfer FAQs

Tech Prep courses are identified courses in a high school that are technical or occupational in nature. After completion of these courses with at least a B grade, the students are given a certificate listing colleges that will offer credit for these courses. Credit is offered for courses that are required by the student's college program.

High school students who take an AP course and then demonstrate what they have learned by taking an AP exam may be able to receive college credit. A score of "3" or better is required by Ridgewater College.

It is an agreement between Ridgewater College and a four-year college or university to provide an option for students with technical degrees to complete a four-year bachelor's degree. These programs have a specific academic plan - please refer to for details.

CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. College students can take CLEP exams to earn college credit. The receiving college will decide which exams they will offer and what score they will require to pass.

Concurrent enrollment students take college courses at their high school. When completed, these courses appear on a college transcript and can be transferred to other colleges.