Course Transfer FAQs

None. All of these terms can be used to describe courses that are typically designed to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college.

Yes, but only if you attend these institutions full time (16 semester credits per semester) and follow one consistent plan. If you need to attend less than full time or change your academic plan, your time at college will be extended.

Technical education is typically designed to train for immediate entry into the workforce, while transfer education is typically designed for those students who wish to continue on for a bachelor's degree.

Goal areas are defined in the AA planner as those discipline areas the colleges and universities feel give students a broad general basis of understanding. Goal areas refer to the requirements of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (see below).

Lower division courses are those that are numbered as 100- or 200-level courses (offered at two-year colleges), and upper division courses are 300- and 400-levels (offered at four-year colleges).