Student Conduct FAQs

What are my options for responding to an allegation of student misconduct?

Respond - You will be able to participate in the investigatory process and provide your input regarding the allegations. After the investigation, you will be given a opportunity to agree to the possible sanctions imposed or appeal and/or request a formal hearing.

Not respond - An investigation will be completed and you will possibly be assigned a sanction without being able to provide your input in the investigation process.

Not unless you sign a statement or release of information giving them permission to have access.

A college hearing is an administrative hearing, not a criminal proceeding. You are allowed to have someone present to advise you during the hearing, but they are not allowed to participate in the actual hearing. This person could also be a friend, family member, or other support person.

Dual jurisdiction - you are held responsible for your behavior at college. While Ridgewater does not consider your behavior as a violation of law (as the Court may), we consider it a violation of the Ridgewater College Student Code of Conduct.

Any person who words for Ridgewater College who has a legitimate educational interest to know (advisors, instructors, administrators, etc.)

A warning can be an oral or written reprimand that may become a part of your permanent conduct file.

Restitution is a payment required to Ridgewater or other persons, groups, or organizations for damages occurred.

Probation is a sanction that may be assigned for a definite period of time. 'Unlimited probations' student behavior is monitored and future violations of the student code of conduct my result in further disciplinary action.

Loss of a College privilege is an order directing a student not to have contact with another person of the College community or use of facilities.

Suspension is the denial of the privilege of enrollment for a specific period of time after which a student is eligible to return. Conditions for re-admission my be specified.

Long-term suspension is a suspension from the College that remains in effect for longer than 10 (ten) days. Conditions for re-admission my be specified.

A summary suspension is a suspension imposed without an investigation, informal or formal hearing to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the Ridgewater community.

Expulsion is termination of student status.

Any member of the Ridgewater community can file a written complaint of student misconduct; this includes faculty, staff, students and visitors to the College.

Incident Report Forms

Reports can be submitted to the Dean of Student Services

If there is sufficient evidence to support a complaint, the Student Conduct Officer, shall offer the accused student an opportunity to resolve the violation at an informal meeting. The student or students will be notified of their right to the informal meeting orally or by mail to the last known mailing address on file at Ridgewater's records office.

Prior to or at the beginning of the informal meeting, the student must be provided with the following information:

  • An oral or written notice of the complaint
  • A copy of the Student Code of Conduct
  • An oral or written notice of a summary of the evidence to support the complaint specific policy he/she is accused of violating
  • A Tennessen Notice

During the informal meeting, the investigator shall review the compliant and evidence with the student and allow the student to present a defense against the complaint.

Within a reasonable time period following the meeting, the Student Conduct Officer shall inform the accused student in writing of his/her decision whether a violation of the code was established by a preponderance of evidence and any applicable sanction as well as options available for an appeal and/or a formal hearing.

A student who has received a sanction of expulsion or suspension, except a summary suspension for more than nine (9) days, may accept the sanction or may request a formal hearing.

A request for a formal hearing must be made in writing to the Student Affairs Administrator identified in the notice of sanction, and received with ten (10) business days after the outcome notice is emailed to the student's college assigned email account.

Failure to request a formal hearing in writing within the ten (10) day time period presumes acceptance of the sanction.

The student may elect to have a hearing before the Student Affairs Administrator or before a College Conduct Committee made up of members of the Ridgewater community.