Information for Faculty & Staff

Ridgewater College’s statement on Student Conduct states that we are committed to the creation and maintenance of an academic community which fosters intellectual, personal, social and ethical development of our students. All members of the College community have a strong responsibility to protect and maintain an academic climate in which the freedom to learn can be enjoyed by all.

If an individual’s conduct does not meet College standards, the possibility of student conduct review action arises.

The Student Conduct Process attempts to emphasize those kinds of experiences that assist the individual involved to think out, evaluate, and become accountable for personal behavior; to establish a personal code of conduct; and if need be, to redirect behavior in order to meet College expectations.

In enforcing student conduct regulations, the College follows due process procedures. Great emphasis is placed on the consideration of each individual case rather than attempting to have matching “penalties” or actions for specific incidents.

Our ultimate goal through the student conduct process is to deal with the situation at the lowest level possible and get folks "back on track".

Through a fair consideration of all factors in each case, an attempt is made to prevent arbitrary and authoritarian action by a faculty member, an administrator or by student groups. College Counselors are available to consult with and counsel students who believe that their individual rights have been violated or who are experiencing behavioral difficulties and are a great resource for handling situations on campus.

Your direct supervisor or the Dean of Student Services can assist faculty and staff with:

  • Concerns or complaints about a student’s behavior
  • Understanding what constitutes a violation of student conduct regulations
  • How to respond to situations involving disruptive or distressed behaviors of students
  • Reporting of academic dishonestly

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