Student Code of Conduct

Ridgewater College is committed to the creation and maintenance of an academic community which fosters the intellectual, personal, social and ethical development of its students.  Respect for the rights of others and self-discipline are essential for the fulfillment of these goals.  This Code of Conduct is designed to explain the rights and responsibilities inherent in membership in this community.

Students of Ridgewater College are expected to conduct themselves as mature citizens both on and off campus.  Students are expected to comply with all regulations established by the administration, faculty and students for the benefit of the total campus community.  This matter is one of individual responsibility and consideration of the rights of others.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding Student Conduct, please contact your direct supervisor or:

Heidi L. Olson
Dean of Student Services
Office H166 – Willmar Campus
Office 212 – Hutchinson Campus

Additional Information and Forms: