Incident Report Forms

The Dean of Student Services, Heidi Olson, handles complaints against students and student groups but not faculty or staff. The complaint must indicate a possible violation of one of the regulations covered by the Student Code of Conduct.

The Dean is available to explain procedures and talk to you about your concerns around reporting an incident or situation.

The Student Code of Conduct Process is very different than any civil or criminal justice system (except when the possible violation poses a danger to another student, faculty member, or the community).

The process is intended to be educational and developmental in nature. Punitive measures are used only when necessary in the process and they are typically used progressively.

Additionally, if upon review of the complaint it is determined that no conduct violation has occurred then you may be advised of other resolution options such as mediation or referral to the counselors or other service providers.

Once a complaint is filed and it is determined that a violation of student conduct may have occurred, the matter becomes a case between the College and the student.

The complainant or reporting person becomes a witness to the misconduct. We always attempt to resolve these issues at the lowest level possible and keep the focus on developing the student.

Complaints (whether on a reporting form, an e-mail, notes from a telephone call or any other printed or printable format) may become part of the accused student’s disciplinary record and may be made accessible to the student for the purposes of preparing a response.

Heidi L. Olson
Dean of Student Services
Office A166 – Willmar Campus 320-222-5209 
Willmar Fax: 320-222-5212

Office 212 – Hutchinson Campus
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