Disruptive Behavior FAQs

What is Considered Disruptive Behavior?

  • Being late, reading the paper, sleeping in class
  • Making noises, repeatedly interrupting
  • Passing notes, answering cell phone, texting in class
  • Harassing behavior, personal insults, inappropriate language
  • Physical threats or actions
  • Refusal to comply with faculty or staff direction
  • Persistent and unreasonable demands for time and attention both in and out of the classroom
  • Demands for services unrelated to the unit
  • Unwillingness to cooperate when a solution is being worked at
  • Unusual or exaggerated emotional responses
  • Withdrawal from activities or friends
  • Significant change in sleep or eating patterns
  • Serious grade problems
  • Excessive absences
  • Perfectionism, procrastination, or excessive worrying
  • Markedly changed patterns of interaction (avoiding participation or dominating discussion)
  • Depressed mood
  • Inability to communicate
  • Loss of contact with reality
  • Hostile, threatening or violent behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts or expressions of intention