How to Start a Club

Thank you for taking the first steps of starting a club at Ridgewater College. Here is a guide of what steps to take to become a recognized club at Ridgewater College.

It is important to discuss with your fellow club members on the purpose for the club you wish to start and how your club that will benefit the students involved, the college and the student body.

Once you have identified your purpose and mission for your club, please complete the following steps and submit the required paperwork to the Director of Student Life or the Vice President of the Student Senate:

  1. Complete the Ridgewater Student Cub Registration application.

  2. Please include contact information for three officers or leaders of the group with addresses (U.S. mail, email, and phone number.) All officers must hold current student enrolled status at Ridgewater College.

  3. Must have 5 or more members (including officers) who hold current enrollment student status at Ridgewater College.
  4. Create and submit a constitution for your club. View our Constitution Sample.

  5. Identify an advisor who is an employee of Ridgewater College.
The Student Senate will review the club application and accompanying materials. The Senate will then invite representatives of the club to appear before the Senate to petition orally for their charter.
The Student Senate will recommend recognition status by a 2/3 approval vote and will notify the Club of their status within 24 hours of their decision.