Postsecondary Agriculture Student Organization

The National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization(PAS) is an organization associated with agriculture/agribusiness and natural resources offerings in approved postsecondary institutions offering baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, diplomas and/or certificates.

PAS is one of the ten career and technical student organizations that has been approved by the U. S. Department of Education as an integral part of career and technical education.

National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization(PAS)

About PAS

The national organization was organized in March 1979 under Draft Bylaws. PAS was officially founded in March 1980 in Kansas City, Missouri. PAS is ready to celebrate 30 years of growth and success and to look into the future.

The membership now totals some 1,300 members from 62 Chapters located in 18 states. It is available to students in agriculture/agribusiness/natural resources postsecondary programs in approximately 550 institutions in all 50 states.


Club Officers:

  • President: Isaac Popp
  • Vice President: Andrew Swanson
  • Secretary: Kady Buschette
  • Treasurer: Jared Krieger

Board Members: 

  • Blake Garberich
  • Amber Miller
  • Tim Van Santen
  • Daniel Stuewe
  • Jenna Hanson 
  • Staci Stein
  • David McClellan


The National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation.


PAS aspires to be the premier leadership and career development organization serving college agriculture students.


 "Uniting Education and Industry in Agriculture."

One of our main purposes is to provide an opportunity for developing leadership abilities through participation in the employment experience programs, course work, and organization activities.


  • Individual Leadership Abilities 
  • Intellectual Growth 
  • Technical Competency
  •  Strong Personal Ethics 
  • Life Long Learning 
  • Diversity 
  • Education and Industry Partnerships