Criminal Justice Association (CJA)


Willmar PD is looking for volunteers!

Willmar PD is looking for volunteers ​to help with a regional active shooter class on May 2nd! The training runs from 0730 to 1630. It is broken up into 2 segments- 7:30-12 and 12:30-16:30. You may choose to volunteer for 1 segment or both. Please email the CJA Secretary, contact Madeline Graupmann if you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions.

This is a great opportunity to assist local law enforcement agencies and connect with officers!

For This Year

The main goal of the CJA this year is to help students better prepare for their entrance into the career field. This is accomplished through the speakers and field trips in the field of criminal justice.

We also want to let perspective students and the communities know, law enforcement students at Ridgewater College are here to support them.

This is demonstrated by our participation in career days and family fun night, helping out at with security at high school football games and helping out in different activities throughout the year.

Overall Goals and Objectives

  • To assist students in preparing for entrance into their career field.
  • To provide students access/exposure to professionals working in the criminal justice field through speakers and field trips.
  • To offer students opportunities to work with the community through service activities 


This organization shall exist to provide educational opportunities outside the classroom setting to students and to serve as a service organization to the College and larger community.


The CJA has a long tradition at Ridgewater and we strive each year to continue that trend. Our club meets on a monthly basis; meetings usually involve a guest speaker from the criminal justice field on the local, state or federal level. Related job information and volunteer opportunities are also available.

We usually take two field trips per year, one on each semester, traveling to various law enforcement and correctional facilities within the state. 

Our club provides a great way to meet fellow students in the criminal justice field and to gain knowledge throughout your college experience.

Club Officers:

  • President: Payton Cogelow-Ruter
  • Vice-President: Frank Wortham
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Maddy Graupmann