Club Budget Request

Clubs who are seeking Student Life Budget dollars each year must complete the following steps in order to apply for Student Life funds.

1. Complete all requirements as stated in the Student Life policy to maintain active status and be eligible to apply for student life funds each year:

  1. Fulfill the clubs stated purpose (as stated in the club's constitution).

  2. Participate in the Fall Club Day.

  3. Submit a budget request for the following academic year to the Director of Student Life.

  4. Declaration to be Active and Membership Roster

  5. Updated Constitution/Bylaws

  6. Current Advisor Information and Contract

  7. A clearly stated mission statement, goals for the year with specific performance objectives. These goals and objectives should include leadership development activities, educational awareness activities, social service/civic consciousness duties and student life activities.

If these materials are not submitted or renewed, the club will not be eligible for funding for the year and will be moved to inactive status.

2. Complete and email the Student Life Budget request form to Erika Kellen by March 1st.

3. Complete and email the Preliminary Year End Summary Report with the Student Life Budget request to Erika Kellen by March 1st .

If you have additional information or activities to add to the Year End Summary Form after the March 1st deadline please make sure your updated copy is emailed by May 1st to Erika Kellen.