Advising & Counseling

Advising and Counseling at Ridgewater College

About Us

The Advising and Counseling department provides information and services in each of the following areas:

Assistance is available regarding concerns such as child care, transportation, finances, etc. Students may work with the counselor of their choice. Please feel free to contact the counselors during their posted office hours.


  • Assist students in acquiring information and developing attitudes, insights and understanding about themselves and their environment, which are necessary for maximum growth and development
  • Inform students of educational opportunities to assist them in making appropriate educational choices
  • Assist new and potential students to experience successful entry into the College
  • Serve as consultants to members of the faculty and administration, as part of the educational team
  • Provide an effective communication program with area high schools and surrounding communities
  • Provide help to students needing assistance by referrals to campus services as well as community agencies.


The College is sincerely interested in the success of its students. The entire Counseling department places emphasis on the students' growth and independence through an increasing knowledge of themselves and of opportunities available for education, careers, and personal development.

In a Mental Health Emergency, Contact:

On the Willmar campus:

  • The Counseling Center at (320) 222-5984
  • Woodland Centers Crisis Center at (320) 235-4613
  • Rice Memorial Hospital at (320) 231-4390

On the Hutchinson campus:

  • The Counseling Center at (320) 234-8508
  • Hutchinson Hospital at (320) 234-5000