Human Resources

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HR Values:
Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation

HR Mission:
Building a Workforce that Delivers Excellence in Education

Reimbursement Mileage Rates for Personal Vehicle Use:

  • State/college vehicle is unavailable: 54 cents/mile
  • State/college vehicle is available: 47 cents/mile

For questions please contact Sherri Nelson at 320.222.6076.

Identify the workforce skills and competencies that are needed in our colleges, universities, and the Office of the Chancellor to ensure the success of our system well into the future. Design positions and recruit talent to meet these needs. Support employee and organizational success through an integrated approach to talent management that includes: workforce planning, talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, competency management, compensation, leadership development, and succession management.
Promote a culture of accountability that fosters diversity and inclusion, provides opportunities for professional and personal development, fosters employee retention, and supports work-life balance.
Create and effective communication framework to provide timely, clear, and consistent communication to all employees.
Develop a strategic labor relations approach that will facilitate quality and innovation in educational services and responsiveness to meet the needs of students and the larger community. Strengthen partnerships across constituencies and promote positive working relationships and shared goals with all of the system's labor unions.
Seek and secure resources to implement a comprehensive and integrated Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Align common HR processes. Provide managers access to reliable workforce information to assess costs and plan for future needs. Support institutional and system decision making through the systematic use of HR data. Promote accountability for results by providing stakeholders access to meaningful data and analysis. Support steady efforts for data and process integrity.
Develop HR competency and expertise among HR professionals and strengthen HR's role as a strategic partner to meet future challenges, remove barriers to innovation and responsiveness, and advance College, University, and Office of the Chancellor goals.

Keith Balaski
(320) 222-5211 - phone
(320) 222-6077 - fax

Jane Bohlsen
HR Tech/Designated Department Insurance Representative
(320) 222-6075 - phone
(320) 222-6077 - fax

Denise Carpenter
Associate Director
(320) 222-6074 - phone
(320) 222-6077 - fax

Kristen Hanson
HR Tech
(320) 222-6073 - phone
(320) 222-6077 - fax

Sherri Nelson
Accounting Technician
(320) 222-6076 - phone
(320) 222-6077 - fax <