Transfer Students

We Review Your Transcripts as Part of the Admission Process

Students with prior coursework at other institutions of higher learning should have transcripts evaluated from each institution for possible transfer of credits. 
If you attended a MnSCU college, we will be able to access and evaluate the transcripts for you – you do not need to request that official transcripts be sent to us at the time of admission.  If you have changes to your MnSCU transcripts after the initial evaluation, you will need to notify the Registrar's Office. 
If you attended the University of Minnesota, a private, or out-of-state college, you will need to have an official transcript sent directly to the Admissions Office of the campus you plan to attend. 
If you are requesting an electronic transcript, please have it sent via secure web directly from the institution to
Students can receive a tentative evaluation using Transferology, the multi-state online tool for students and advisors to determine course equivalencies, program requirements, and applicability of coursework when transferring between schools. 
Step-by-step documentation to help guide students through steps for Finding Transfer Matches and how courses apply to a program in Transferology can be found here.

To receive a degree, diploma or certificate, a student must earn a minimum of one-third of the required semester credits at Ridgewater College. A maximum of 16 credits from technical programs or departments may be used as electives toward an AA and most AS degrees.

Transfer credits will compute into a student's "total credits earned" but do not calculate into GPA.  Detail of courses accepted in transfer will not appear on the Ridgewater College student transcript.  The transcript will only indicate the transferring institution and the number of credits accepted.

General education and elective credits have no time limit for transfer to Ridgewater. (Please note: Students who intend to transfer for further education after Ridgewater may be asked to repeat older courses in highly technical or scientific areas at the next institution.) General studies and technical coursework up to five years old is considered for equivalent credit for technical program requirements.

General studies courses more than 5 years old may be considered for equivalent credit if they are non-technical in nature.

To receive a degree, diploma, or certificate, a student must earn a minimum of one-third of the required semester credits at Ridgewater College. Additional information can be found by reviewing Ridgewater's Minnesota Transfer Curriculum policy.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses completed at other MnSCU institutions transfer in the goal area(s) designated by that institution. Students can find equivalency tables for how courses transfer and exams such as CLEP, AP, DSST and IB to Ridgewater from selected Minnesota colleges and universities through Transferology.

For equivalency information on other institutions, students may contact the Transcript Evaluator at 1-800-722-1151.

Students will receive notification when their transcript evaluation has been completed. Information will be provided on the number of credits transferred, the equivalency status of each course and the applicability of transfer work to the student's program of study. This information is available through the eServices portal.  Students are encouraged to contact the Registrar if they have questions about their evaluation and/or wish to understand the rationale for evaluation decisions.

In the event of disagreement with the outcome of the transcript evaluation, a student mayappeal by completing a Student Academic Petition form available in the Registration Office and attaching supporting documentation such as a course syllabus.

The petition will be reviewed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services, who will notify the student of the appeal decision in writing.

If the appeal is denied, the student may submit an appeal at the MnSCU system level.