Tips for Helping Your Student

One of the tips for parents listed above is to ask students questions about their experiences at college. Even if your child fails to provide satisfactory answers, the fact that you asked the question may plant a seed if the child's mind that the subject of the inquiry is important. The following are examples of questions that parents who want to support their students in community college may consider asking:​

1. Are you going to class?
2. Are you studying at least 25 hours per week?
3. Are you reviewing the material in each class weekly?
4. Are you balancing study time with fun time?
5. Do you know when the last day to withdraw from a class is?
6. Are you starting your assignments early?
7. Have you seen your advisor?
8. Have you gone to your professors' office hours?
9. Are you going to need any tutoring?
10. Have you formed a study group?​