• Learn all common welding methods
  • Work with many different kinds of metals and alloys
  • Weld in many different positions used in industry
  • Experience using metal fabricating equipment
  • Gain knowledge of various layout methods and blueprint reading
  • Apply classroom instruction concepts through hands-on experiences
  • Electric and oxy-fuel welding
  • Plasma cutting equipment
  • Cutting shears & rollers
  • Press brakes
The Industrial Welding program at the Willmar campus is different from other welding programs because it offers either a one-year track or a two-year advanced technical welding education. Students here have the opportunity to work hands-on with state-of-the-art technology, such as a robotic welder.
The Hutchinson campus program is also unique, as it has the only welding program in the state with in-house X-ray. Using this quality control inspection method, students always have feedback on the quality of their welds. Students are given broad and continuous exposure to welding methods and equipment.
Hands-on education is emphasized, including the design and completion of individualized student projects.
Tremendous changes are occurring in the metal working industry. New alloys require different filler metals and newer processes for cutting and welding. Ridgewater stays current on the latest trends in manufacturing to ensure students are prepared.​
  1. Safety glasses
  2. Helmet #10 shade (Auto darkening with sensitivity)
  3. Gloves heavy "gauntlet" style and TIG style
  4. Leathers
  5. Pliers
  6. Striker
  7. Tip cleaners
  8. 2 stainless steel wire brushes
  9. Chipping hammer
  10. Combination square
  11. Steel ruler (100ths)
  12. Compass
  13. Protractor
  14. Scribe
  15. Sharpie markers
  16. 300 degree temp stick
  17. Tape Measure
  18. Ball peen hammer
  19. 3/8" Flat chisel
  20. Center Punch
  21. Side Cutter or wire cutter
  22. Torpedo level
  23. Pipe wrap (optional)
  24. Face shield with clear and #5 shade lenses
  25. Tool box/bag
  26. Locks for locker and tool box
  27. 4 1/2" grinder
  28. 90 degree magnetic square


Welding A.A.S. Degree
Hutchinson and Willmar
72 Credits

Welding Diploma
Hutchinson and Willmar
64 Credits

Welding Diploma
Hutchinson and Willmar (2 semesters)
34 Credits

Welding Certificate
Hutchinson and Willmar
16 Credits


Welding A.A.S. Degree
72 Credits

Welding Diploma
64 Credits

Welding Diploma
Hutchinson and Willmar (2 semesters)
34 Credits

Welding Certificate
Hutchinson and Willmar
13 Credits