Mobile Application Development

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE for working or commuting students by use of 
  • VARIED CLASS FORMATS include classroom, distance learning and online options;
  •  HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE using Cisco Networking Equipment
  • COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT SERVICES providing students with help from enrollment to job placement through Rural Information Technology Alliance
  • MOST COURSES RECORDED for convenient viewing online
  • CISCO ACADEMY Since 2002
Providing security for computer networks is a critical skill set in today’s economy.  This 2 year program is focused on providing students with the networking basics required of any technician, but also the understanding of network security to ensure systems and networks are adequately protected from cyber threats.  Students will work with Cisco equipment amongst others and have the opportunity to work at securing on both physical and virtualized networks. Graduates will be able to enter the workforce with a strong basic understanding of security or transfer to a four year institution to continue their education.

Our flexible delivery methods, including web broadcasting and recording class sessions via WebEx, helps students with scheduling difficulties. We use various distance learning technologies to allow students to take classes from home or work. Most lectures and demonstrations are recorded so students can view them at their convenience for more clarification or review.

From enrollment to job placement Education and Employment Advisors provide students with comprehensive students advising to ensure students reach their full potential.  These services are provided by the Rural Information Technology Alliance (RITA) through a TAACCCT Grant funded by the Department of Labor.

​More on these RITA services he​r​e.​

Text, call or email Nate Erickson to set up a time to meet with an Education & Employment Advisor, tour the IT and Multimedia Design classrooms, or to attend an IT Info Session.  

You can also request information here.

Email: nathan.erickson@ridge​
Text/call: 320-429-0472​​

Students who enroll in the Computer Support Technology Program and Multimedia Design programs are required to purchase a laptop computer with the following specifications.  


  • Intel® Core i5 as a minimum. Core i7 suggested.  Intel ONLY, No AMD.
  • BIOS must support virtualization
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1*
  • 8GB of RAM minimum
  • 500GB free hard disk space 

Mac OS

  • Intel® Core i5 as a minimum. Core i7 suggested.
  • Mac OS X v10.8, or v10.9
  • 8GB of RAM minimum
  • 500GB free hard disk space 

Required accessories

  • Headset with microphone
  • 6’ Ethernet cable

Under no circumstances can there be less than 8GB of RAM.

BIOS must support virtualization. Most do today, but the student must verify. Intel processor required for Android HAXM virtualization. AMD will NOT work.

Students are free to buy any laptop that meets the above requirements.

The college does offer students the ability to purchase HP laptops at educational pricing through BusinessWare at this link.  Apple computers can be ordered through the Apple Educational store as a current students (Link).


  • If students are looking for a different configuration, please contact Dan Kellerman or Direct Dial 320.455.9356.   Contact him for tracking information as well.
  • Students can change the quantity to 0 if they do not want the warranty uplift. Students can click on ‘update cart’ at the top of the page or just click the ‘place order’ button once they have changed the quantity.
  • Once students click on the ‘place order’ button, they will need to click on ‘click here to make a payment’ in order to pay with credit card.​ 

The Apple Store


Mobile App Development AAS Degree
Hutchinson and Willmar
60 Credits