Advanced Farm Business Management

The Advanced Farm Business Management program is a unique program offered to working farmers who are currently operating a farm.  ​This program offers a number of options for working farm operators provided by a team of specialists trained in agricultural education in the critical areas for farm management: financial management, enterprise management, and marketing management.  
The instructors work carefully to help find ways of solving individual problems. Through regularly scheduled meetings and one-on-one instruction, topics are covered including record keeping, budgeting, government programs, computer operations and farm analysis.
All size and types of farms are encouraged to participate and can benefit from this program.  Instructors are located in communities all across west central Minnesota.  Check the instructor list below to find your local instructor. 
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Accurate Cash Flows
  • Application to farming operations
  • Evaluation of farming operations
  • Farm Service Agency training requirements
  • Goal setting
  • Marketing plan that best fits need
  • New options and terminology
  • Proper management decisions
  • Rural mental health support project
  • Tax planning
  • Employment issues
  • Enterprise management
  • Estate Planning
  • Farm Transition planning
  • Written business plans 

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