Audio Video Systems Technology

  • EXPERIENCE on state-of-the-art acoustical testing and measurement equipment
  • BROAD RANGE OF SKILLS to provide employment flexibility and adaptability
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES for personal attention

The Audio Video Systems Technology program offers a challenging curriculum that is balanced between theory and operation of all types of audio equipment, and the technical understanding of analog and digital electronics. 

Graduates will possess a strong background in electronics, as well as hands-on training in equipment operation for a wide variety of applications including acoustical testing, sound reinforcement, system installation, sound recording, and mixing and editing.

Ridgewater students have access to state-of-the-art acoustical testing and measurement equipment not often found in other programs.

  • Electronic systems installation
  • Installation of public address systems
  • Running sound for bands
  • Working for sound reinforcement companies
  • Sound for conferences/conventions
  • Road concert tours
  • Pro-sound dealerships and studios
  • Technical maintenance and repair
  • Recording
  • Broadcast production
  • Mixing consoles, amplifiers, speakers, and electronic instruments

Unlike other programs of study which concentrate only on recording, the Ridgewater Audio Technology program gives the student a broad range of skills and concentrates on the underlying theories and concepts relating to professional audio applications. Concentrating more on technical aspects of the industry allows students more job flexibility and the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing job market. 

Students and graduates have worked with bands, in churches, at Ridgewater commencement ceremonies, and even at some Super Bowls, to mention a few.