Agricultural Science & Technology

Agricultural Science and Technology Program at Ridgewater College

Gainful Employment Report - Precision Farming
Gainful Employment Report - Agricultural Commodities Marketing

This program is designed for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural education.

  • STRONG TRANSFER PARTNERSHIPS with excellent reputations
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with other agriculture educators
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment, facilities and HANDS-ON SCHOOL FARM
  • EXPERIENCE helping faculty HOST F.F.A. CONTESTS
  • CONNECTIONS with other students and industry reps in
  • Post-secondary Agriculture Students (P.A.S.) club
  • MANY RIDGEWATER 2+2 graduates are now teaching in Minnesota​

Agricultural Education has three interconnected components:

  • Classroom or lab instruction
  • Experiential supervised learning outside of the classroom
  • Leadership education through student organization involvement in the National F.F.A. Organization, the National Young Farmer Education Association, National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization and others

Through “2+2” partnerships with the University of Minnesota, South Dakota State University, and Southwest Minnesota State University, Ridgewater College provides the first two years of Agricultural Education on the Willmar campus.

By following the curriculum, students are guaranteed to have all Ridgewater College credits applied to the Bachelor of Science degree at one of the corresponding universities where they will complete their junior and senior curriculum.​


Agricultural Science and Technology A.S. Degree
60 Credits​​ 


Agricultural Science and Technology A.S. Degree
60 Credits