Mission, Values, Vision

Ridgewater College Vision: 

Ridgewater College will be a dynamic educational leader exemplifying innovation and excellence within a student-centered learning environment.

Ridgewater College Mission: 

Ridgewater provides quality educational opportunities for diverse student learners in an inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment.

Ridgewater College Values:

Ridgewater College values a learning environment that:​​ 

  • Focuses on student needs and student success
  • Equips students to think critically and creatively, solve problems, and adapt to a rapidly changing world
  • Embraces diversity of thought, diversity of individual background, and affirms the worth and dignity of each individual
  • Focuses on continuous improvement by establishing success indicators, measuring against those indicators, and using the results to make strategic decisions
  • Promotes ethical and honest behavior and accountability at both an institutional and individual level
  • Demonstrates and reinforces the value of lifelong learning
  • Reaches beyond the College’s walls to the community, the region, and the world.